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That’s the Ticket! A Travel Podcast

With Vanessa and Rinat

Why are we here?

We look at travel from a different angle. Our goal is to make our travels, and maybe your travels(?), more meaningful and interesting. We love to talk about and share with you ideas inspired by Positive Psychology, Gamification, Minimalism, Mindfulness, and many more, and think how to apply them to our travel life. We enjoy making this podcast and we hope you enjoy listening!

Not that far from us…

This is a real pearl – Lake Louise at Banff National Park, just a few hours of driving from our homes in Edmonton.

The picture was taken by Rinat on a Banff-Jasper road trip (before we actually moved here!)

The Real Voyage of Discovery Consists Not in Seeking New Landscapes, But Having New Eyes.

– Marcel Proust

World View

The world is a weird place to be living in. We love to look at it with curious and creative eyes. We like to improve our travels, our experiences, and our well-being. We want to bring more from our travel experiences to our lives, and more from good-life ideas to our travels.


We focus on inspiring ideas for travel life and for life as a traveler. Engaging with our audience and with interesting guests that we care about what they think, and creating a sense of global community of people from around the world that like travel and exploration.


We believe that it is possible to travel the world and to travel life through different eyes. We talk with guests from various disciplines like Therapists, Musicians and Gamification specialists and we believe that their perspectives can enrich our lives and our travel life.


Our travels, life views, and interests are the inspiration behind the topics of That’s the Ticket! Podcast. We talk about anything that we think is interesting from travel and well-being points of view. We would love to hear from you if you have ideas or things you wish we’d talk about!

We’d love it if you share your thoughts with us