As the pandemic becomes more well-controlled, people have resumed vacationing with their families to rejuvenate their exhausted spirits. Even last year – statistics indicate – 50% of American households had gone on a holiday. This trend seems to continue in 2022, and more visitors will explore some of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. However, your vacation can become less enjoyable without certain facilities and amenities. These services are essential for making your winter trips as enjoyable as possible. This article, therefore, discusses some of these amenities. Only book cabins in 2022 where your desired facilities are available for enhancing your comfort, entertainment, and joy.

Cabin amenities to look for in 2022

It’s estimated that 40% of people in the United States take at least one vacation each year. Now, middle-class low-income households organize their holidays carefully because they wish to make this once-in-a-year holiday as comfortable as possible. Choosing a cabin with your favorite amenities can make any trip successful for your family. That’s why this article covers ten major cabin facilities owners often provide. This year, many visitors shall visit Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and other Smoky Mountain towns to spend a blissful weekend with their folks. Cabins in these places often have a variety of services for visitors. Thus, check out these amenities before booking your cabin near the Great Smokys for a wonderful vacation:

1. Pool access:

Let’s discuss one of the most demanded amenities in Smoky Mountains cabins. Vacationers expect a cabin to have indoor pools where they can spend quality time with their families. Swimming is enjoyable, so you should consider booking a cabin with an indoor pool to make the most of your trip. During the holiday, renting Gatlinburg cabins with indoor pool will make the stay more pleasant and comfortable for your whole family. They can enjoy swimming in the privacy of the cabin to cool down after spending a fun-filled trip around the town of Gatlinburg.

2. Unique décor:

What makes most vacationers choose a cabin above other rentals? We believe that the cabin’s décor is vital in making vacationers stay there. The décor is one of the most popular amenities vacationers seek during their trips to Tennessee. These elegantly-constructed cabins have become well-known for being tourist-friendly since their exceptional furnishings make holiday-goers feel welcomed. Not all well-decorated cabins are expensive, and you can find affordable ones too.

3. Steam saunas:

Vacationers heading to the Great Smokys often take a walk while exploring the city’s amazing attractions. This physical activity can make you exhausted, so cabins provide amenities such as spas, saunas, and steam rooms. Sitting in steam rooms can melt your exhaustion and bolsters the circulation of blood in your body. Choose cabins where private saunas are offered so you may relax with your family members. These saunas make your winter getaways enjoyable and comfortable.

4. Game rooms:

Entertainment facilities are a must-have in any vacation rental today – especially when guests arrive with children/teenagers. That’s why many cabins offer game rooms where you can play foosball and air hockey to pass the time. Arcade games make your stay at these cabins worth the money you spent renting them. Don’t worry about getting bored around the Great Smokys, as you can spend your time playing these amazing games. Some cabins even offer game rooms without costing extra.

5. Cozy fireplaces:

The term “Gatlinburg cabin” makes vacationers imagine certain amenities. It’s not a secret that fireplaces are among these necessities, without which cabins don’t appear comfy. A vacationer, therefore, should choose cabins where the family can gather during a winter holiday just in front of a comfy-sounding fireplace. Sit in front of these hearths and share a glass of wine with the people you love! These grates add to the aesthetic appeal of your Gatlinburg cabin on these trips. 

6. Pet accommodation:

We realize that over 50% of travelers are now embarking on holidays with their pets. So, they prefer pet-friendly accommodation over those cabins where pets aren’t allowed. Now, you don’t have to leave your animal friend at home during a winter getaway to the Smoky Mountains. Make sure pet-related facilities are available before booking a cabin in Gatlinburg. Don’t forget to prepare for a holiday with your pet by taking safety measures to prevent it from getting lost on the journey.

7. Streaming services:

Your family can spend some time watching their favorite shows while staying in your comfy cabin. A vacationer should choose where the television incorporates streaming capabilities. Your trip to cities such as Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge seems like the ideal time to binge-watch those TV shows folks are talking about right now. Today, holiday-bound travelers prefer cabins that provide strong wifi connections and add-ons such as Apple TV. So, confirm these add-ons before booking rentals.

8. Home theaters:

Other cabins – instead of offering streaming services – provide home theater amenities. Now, folks can enjoy their favorite movies theater-style in their cabins. Just drink some drinks and popcorn and enjoy watching whatever you like on the big screen. It’s a movie theater experience that allows you to stay with your family and remain entertained. Whenever you’re tired from exploring the city, relax in the theater. That’s how Gatlinburg cabins make your holiday worth the money you spend.

9. Sustainable rooms:

Americans have become more cautious about how their actions impact the environment. Even on holiday, people are concerned with staying eco-friendly. That’s why green energy solutions are now some of the most sought-after amenities in Gatlinburg rentals. These green energy solutions lessen the cost for both rental owners and vacationers. So, “green cabins” are sustainable and affordable. You can reduce your carbon footprint by renting these cabins and enjoy your trip with a light heart.

10. Hot tubs:

Many vacationers prefer soaking in hot tubs after spending several hours wandering around the city of Gatlinburg while watching its numerous attractions. Bathing in hot tubs has many health benefits. So, your cabin should offer this crucial facility for stress relief and better sleep. As the winter slowly approaches, soaking in hot tubs can prevent vacationers from being uncomfortable with the cold. A vacationer, however, should ensure that a rental provides a hot tub exclusive only for you during the trip. Sharing hot tubs with strangers can have certain side effects. Besides that, getting some rest in these hot tubs shall cure a cold and prepare you for another day of exploring the destination.


Statistics show that over 70% of American vacationers prefer hotels/cabins. These cabins offer various vacation facilities to make your holiday more enjoyable. Let’s summarize some of the most important amenities we discussed above. This article discussed indoor pools, steam saunas, game rooms, and streaming services. Moreover, visitors should enhance a trip’s enjoyability by getting fireplaces, theaters, and hot tubs. Make sure that your cabins are pet-friendly if you intend to stay at the place with your cats/dogs. Ask for sustainable accommodation and pay attention to how the rental has been decorated. That’s why you can keep your upcoming family vacation to Gatlinburg today a breeze.