7 Tips to Make Your Stay in Gatlinburg Stress-Free

Are you thinking of spending your vacation in Gatlinburg? If so, then that’s a great idea to escape the mundane life. The fog-covered peaks, ancient forests, remarkable animals, and roaring waterfalls attract millions of tourists to Gatlinburg each year. However, planning a memorable and stress-free vacation to Gatlinburg requires energy and time. Unless you’re one of those fortunate people who can fit hours of “research” into their day and create a perfect travel plan, it can be difficult.

“How challenging can it be to book a nice hotel or just have fun?” we hear you say. Well, yes, it may not be that hard – but minor details have the power to make or break a vacation – especially if you’re heading towards the Smoky Mountains. Add transport, flights, and a series of bucket-list places into the bargain, and watch how your brain explodes. But have some courage because a stress-free stay in Gatlinburg is possible. That said, here are a few tips to eliminate vacation stress and help you plan your outing with a zing:

1. Rent a calming cabin

Finding a welcoming and relaxing place to stay in Gatlinburg is the first step in getting ready for a stress-free trip. For this reason, it’s best to do your research beforehand and locate a service that provides a series of beautiful and spacious cabins for you and your family. 

Roomy cabins provide plenty of space to spread out throughout your stay and take care of the potential distractions and the unpleasant feeling of being in a small hotel room. Start browsing for the best Gatlinburg cabins so you can effortlessly find something that can accommodate you and your needs.

2. Pick your traveling buddies wisely

The friend you adore sharing a Cointreau at four in the morning may not be the same person you want to live with for two weeks. Similar to your kind-hearted high school friend who steers clear of trouble. Selecting a travel partner is similar to selecting a housemate, meaning you require various attributes from those that might initially strike you as attractive.

Additionally, just because you get along well at work doesn’t guarantee you’ll enjoy yourself on the road. Because there are more people to mix it up, group travel somewhat waters down this issue. On the other hand, if you’re visiting Gatlinburg with your family, the element of “choosing” goes away because these are people you live with – your loved ones. All in all, picking the right travel buddies will make or break your entire vacation. 

3. Consider off-season travel 

Winter is the least crowded season, and you can enjoy the destination all to yourself. What’s best is that you can have a chilly picnic in the Appalachian backcountry without having your plans thwarted by crowds. When traveling off-season, don’t forget to account for hurdles, such as closed highways due to inclement weather. However, meeting fewer people and the issues that might arise with large crowds is always a safe bet to ensure a stress-free vacation.

4. Maintain a casual, flexible schedule

It’s crucial to remember that unexpected happenings may take up a large portion of your vacation time. You don’t want a single event to disrupt your entire schedule, like a delayed flight, a brief nap, or a tour cancellation. Try to schedule some events for particular days while leaving some days available. 

When your calendar is flexible, you can explore hidden streets, get some rest at the beach, or unwind with a latte rather than trying to check everything off your trip wish list. Remember, you’re developing the ability to relish the downtime, which was the entire point of your trip in the first place.

5. Ensure to cover your medical needs

Nothing is more unpleasant than being sick when vacationing, but taking a few short precautions will help reduce the risk. By checking with the embassy of your home country or via public health websites, these often need to be scheduled at least six weeks before travel. Additionally, you might require bug repellent, malaria pills, a small medical kit, and some sunscreen. 

More importantly, don’t forget to bring routine medications and the necessary prescriptions.

6 Travel light

We’ve all over-packed at one point or another. The inevitable travel challenges—getting to and from the station, waiting to check into your lodging, navigating baggage claim—are made more challenging by having too much luggage. Keep your wardrobe options simple and only bring what is necessary—we know this is easier said than done. But there are some things you can skip. Leave your hair dryer at home and let your hair air dry. Instead of bringing heels you know you’ll never wear, bring a pair of comfy flats. 

Fit whatever you bring into your carry-on to avoid baggage claims. We guarantee that it’s preferable to under-pack and feel at ease rather than over-pack and become worn out. Besides, if you feel like you’ll need something, you can always purchase them at your destination. 

7. Recognize that things won’t always go as planned

Even the best-laid plans can go astray  – unforgettable experiences depend on it. It’s wise to let your expectations go when you are on vacation and go with the flow if something unexpected happens. You’re likely to be let down if you adhere zealously to a set routine. Instead, take a deep breath and realize you cannot control all of it. Traveling is a great opportunity to let loose and walk where there is no route. You never know who you’ll run into or what will occur. Accept it.


People who enjoy family time and outdoor adventure frequently travel to Gatlinburg. And why shouldn’t they? Gatlinburg is pretty much the only travel destination that has something for everyone. But even with all the best excursion activities and places, stress can creep into your vacation plans. The best we can do is to come prepared and follow the necessary steps to make our vacation memorable and fun. The tips shared above will surely assist you in planning a wonderful, exciting, and stress-free vacation to Gatlinburg. Just be sure to have some flexibility because there is no such thing as being too prepared. Thus, leave some room for a little spontaneity.