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Episode 12: Zack Giffin from “Tiny House Nation” – Quality over Quantity (Part 2)

This time, we’re continuing our conversation with Zack Giffin from “Tiny House Nation” (on Netflix and FYI). We pick up where we left off and focus on Zack’s worldwide travels for skiing and other projects, as well as what spurred him to live a minimalist life and seize every moment and every day. You’ll also […]

Episode 11: Zack Giffin from “Tiny House Nation” – Quality over Quantity

We enjoyed having Zack Giffin on the podcast for part 1 of a small talk on small houses (or – “Tiny Houses“). You may know Zack from “Tiny House Nation” on Netflix, as he is one of the co-hosts of the show! And he is “kind of a big deal” in the tiny house world. […]

Episode 8: How to Travel According to Your Core Values with Alyssa Greene

Alyssa Greene, a therapist and a blogger, joins us on our podcast for an intimate talk about core values and how you can plan your travel according to your values. We talk about identifying your values, what you can do when you travel to practice them, and how this can help you build your self […]

Episode 5: BONUS – Martin Kerr’s “Isolation Groove”

Martin Kerr is a musician and singer living in Edmonton, Alberta – the same location as co-hosts Rinat and Vanessa! We watched Martin’s live stream concert during COVID-19 and we were inspired to have him on the podcast for an interview. We were curious to know how he continues to perform and write music during […]

Episode 4: How to Create the Ultimate Staycation in Your Own Home

COVID-19 happened. Our travel plans are canceled. Our vacations are canceled. We cannot even imagine the next time we will be out of town. This is a great time to think about how to create an exciting vacation for ourselves in our own homes. Having a staycation without even going out in our own city […]