patel travels

How to Master patel travels in Simple Steps

the patel travels blog is one of the most popular blogs on the internet. It’s been around for a few years now and has already garnered over a million views. There are so many reasons to love it. I think the most important one is that it is a place where you can go to […]

time travel images

How to Explain time travel images to a Five-Year-Old

This is a new one for me. When I think about the past, I feel as if I am a character in a movie. The past, the good and the bad, the past, the present, and the future all merge together. The past is always there, but I am now a part of it. This […]

travel editions

The Worst Videos of All Time About travel editions

This week, I visited the USA to visit family and I’m always excited to explore the places that I’ve been to before. But when my family and I were in Washington state, I was completely surprised to see that I had forgotten a lot about the US. In fact, I have been to the US […]

steve backshall expedition

How Did We Get Here? The History of steve backshall expedition Told Through Tweets

I had the pleasure of seeing Steve Backshall at the 2013 Chicago Food and Wine Festival. Steve was part of a new travel show, “The Steve Backshall Expedition” which is a series of podcasts in which host and travel scholar Steve Backshall travels to places that host the world’s best chefs and wine experts. For […]

travel to israel from uk

The Ultimate Glossary of Terms About travel to Israel from uk

Travel to Israel is the most beautiful trip you will ever have the opportunity to take. I first went to Israel in 2008 as the guest of a friend who was in the same country. I was blown away by the unique and spectacular beauty of the country. As a matter of fact, what I […]

travel journal

Misconceptions Your Boss Has About travel journal

This travel journal is the one project I started to document my trips and take photos of places I’ve been. I’m hoping that by sharing these memories with you, I can help make you more aware of the places you’ve been and help you live your life as well as others. Ive been going through […]