Convert Word Documents to PDF

When you are sending out documents in Word, you can convert them to PDF. This is useful if you don’t want everyone to see them the same way that you did. This means that you don’t want anyone to alter the content. Sometimes you may want to convert them to Word documents to make edits. This can be a difficult task, especially for newbies. There are many tool like converter pdf para word available for newbies.

This article will demonstrate how to convert Word documents into PDF files and back to Word documents.

1. Convert Word Documents to PDF

a. Using Microsoft Word

This is the easiest way to do it. Open the Microsoft Word app to view the document you wish to convert.

After that, click “File” in the upper right corner. Click “File” in the top right corner.

Next, click on the “Save As…” window/dialog and choose where you want to save your PDF document.

Click the dropdown menu under the “Save As Type” option to save as PDF. The dropdown arrow will open a list of available document formats. Select PDF from the drop-down menu. You can also change the name of the document.

After you are done, click on the “Save” button. That’s all. The Word document has been converted to a PDF file.

b. Using Google Docs

If you don’t have the Microsoft Word application on your computer, this is an alternative. This doesn’t require that you install any software. You can do it from your web browser.

First, open Google Docs from your computer or mobile browser. Upload your document to Google Docs or copy its contents into a new Google Docs File.

Click on “File”, at the top of the page. From the drop-down menu select “Download” then “PDF Document”.

2. To Word

The other way around…

a. Google Docs

Converting PDF files to Word documents via Google Docs can result in your document losing its formatting and style. It is an option if you only need to make minor edits to your PDF file.

Click on “Google Drive” from the Google Docs page and choose “New” (if your PDF file has not yet been uploaded). Select “File Upload” from the dropdown. Locate the document on your computer, and then open it.

After the file is uploaded, right-click it and select “Open with”. Next, choose “Google Docs” from drop-down menu. The file will be opened in Google Docs.

After the file is opened in Google Docs console click on “File”.

The PDF file will automatically be converted to Word.

You can now edit the document, or alter it in other ways.

b. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is an alternative to Google Docs that allows you to open .pdf files and make edits to them from your computer.

First, download the Microsoft Word application from the Microsoft Store for iOS or Google Play for Android (or use your web browser to access it). After you have downloaded and installed the program, open it by clicking on “Microsoft Office”, then “Word”.

From here you will be able to change font size, as well as other options for formatting your document. Your document will be saved in .DOCX format.

3. To Another File Type

You can convert a .pdf document to Word if you have another type of application.

a. Use Microsoft Office for Mac. If you want to change a PDF file into a different file format, you can use the integrated OS X Preview app to do so.

Open the Preview app from your dock or Applications folder, located on your Mac’s desktop. Then find the PDF that you want to convert and double-click it or select it and click “Open” at the top of the window.

From there, select “Tools”, and then “Export As…” (this will open a drop-down menu with many file formats that you can save your document in). Navigate to where you’d like to save your converted document in Finder.

Next, make sure that the “Format” drop-down menu is set to “Word Document.”

Click on “Export” (the blue button on the right side of the menu bar at the top of the Preview app).

b. Use another Word Processor. If you would prefer to use a different program, you can use any type of Word processor to edit your PDF document. This can be helpful if you need to edit images or work with different fonts and colors in your document.

I recommend trying out Sigil . It’s free and easy to use for beginners and advanced users alike. This tool is used for editing ePub files, though it also works with Word document files (.docx).