Episode 2: We are all in the Same Boat (Or Should We Say… Cruise Ship?)

Erica in Italy, Lindsay in Japan, Jennifer in Yukon, Raj in Mexico, Marcello and Outi in Switzerland, and Breawn in Colorado are all in the same boat of COVID-19 (along with the whole world). In this episode, we hear more stories and experiences of people around the world. Erica, Lindsay, Jennifer, Raj, Marcello, Outi, and Breawn share with us the atmosphere in their locations from their perspectives, and their own personal situations and thoughts in this COVID-19 pandemic. We hear stories of parents in different places, who have to worry about how to work when their kids are around, and people finding themselves in interesting situations, like a couple who had to move to a new country during the pandemic. We also hear a bit of Lindsay’s perspective about the cruise ship that was stuck in Japan – it seems like we are all stuck in this together like the people on that cruise ship. We are all in the same boat! (Or should we say… cruise ship?)

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Music By: Dj Quads @ https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads

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