Episode 3: COVID-19 – How to Apply a Travel Mindset to Staying in Quarantine

This episode continues our COVID-19 mini-series with some tips on how to make the best out of your quarantine. Want to move your body a little, keep your sanity and stay enthusiastically busy? We got some really good tips from our listeners on how to reach these goals, including useful apps and websites that you can use, but most importantly – practical caring human advice. 

To us, the hosts of That’s the Ticket!, a travel mindset is the optimal mindset to be in. It is challenging to think about how to apply a travel mindset to normal days, and even more challenging in these COVID-19 days. We encourage our listeners to think about how to apply a travel mindset even when it’s not that obvious how to. 

We gave you a ton of resources in this episode. Here’s where you can find them, in alphabetical order:


Other links:

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