Episode 10: Gamifying Your Travel with Yu-Kai Chou, Part 2

We’re back with a second episode to talk about gamification and travel with Yu-Kai Chou. This time, we have a question from a listener, Paul from Edmonton, who is a camp guide in Canada. Yu-Kai suggests a fun way to gamify activities for him. More for grown ups, we also discuss with Yu-Kai how to use gamification to overcome hesitancy when trying new things when we travel. And finally (make sure to listen for this one!) Yu-Kai tells us how he gamifies his own life and gives us a recipe that you can use to gamify your own! Enjoy.

Please excuse any audio flubs in this remotely recorded interview.

Check out the resources we mentioned in this episode:


Lifestyle Gamification by Yu-Kai Chou

Octalysis Framework

Yu-Kai’s TED Talk (“Gamification to Improve Our World,” 2014)

Yu-Kai’s Website

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