Episode 6: Traveling From Home Using Google Earth with Ted Cragg

In this episode, we (Rinat and Vanessa) have a discussion with Ted, Vanessa’s co-host on The Multipod – a podcast for people who are multipotentialites. We talk about how we can travel when we are tied to our homes. Ted has been travelling for a few years now from home using Google Earth because he has two small children and he and his wife cannot travel with them in the same way they traveled before – with backpacking and road trips. Ted also tells us his travel history and his days as a tour guide in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, a few hours down the highway from us in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; which gave him the idea to potentially turn his Google Earth travelling hobby into virtual guided tours. We enjoyed our conversation and wanted to share it with you. Enjoy listening!  

We mentioned some ideas for travelling from home. If you’d like to check out more ideas you can go to:




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