Episode 9: Gamifying Your Travel with Yu-Kai Chou, Part 1

Yu-Kai Chou is a renowned figure in gamification and we’re excited to have him on our podcast. We talk about the core drives that are the basis for what makes games fun for us and how these core drives are related to travel. It turns out, these drives are prebuilt in travel and you can use your awareness of them to gamify your travel! We cover road trips, hiking, and other types of travel and how to make them more fun. This is part 1 of our interview with Yu-Kai and part 2 will be released for our next episode.

Please excuse any audio flubs in this remotely recorded interview.

Check out the resources we mentioned in this episode:

Yu-Kai’s TED Talk (“Gamification to Improve Our World,” 2014)

Octalysis Framework

Yu-Kai’s Website

Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions by Dan Ariely (book)

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