How To Make More Crypto Press Release By Doing Less

This blog post will take you from a complete novice to an expert of crypto press releases of defi promotion. It will cover how to write an effective release, how to find and submit the most appropriate release for your budget, what questions or pitches might be suitable for you etc.

If you want to learn more about crypto press releases and crypto marketing in general, this article is for you!

1. Getting Started

What do you want to write?

Before you start writing, brainstorm what information you believe your readers will be interested in. This could be a description of your product, an update on your company’s progress or more information about the latest crypto news.

How do you contact your press contacts?

Look through the contact list at DOs and DON’Ts of releasing press releases . Who do YOU know that might be interested in reviewing or covering your story? Your friends and family might know someone at local publications or even have contacts at large tech-based publications. Don’t overlook professional journalists with particular interests as they tend to review items that interest them.

2. Pitches and Questions

If your blog or website isn’t listed in the DOs and DON’Ts of releasing press releases , consider contacting the media relations department at that site to learn about their release guidelines. If you are on a budget, think about how you can improve your chances of getting coverage. Site detail is here.

Here are a few ideas:-

“Pitching” is an important part of releasing a press release . As we will see in this blog post, there are several different ways to “pitch” your press release

​Why is your product or service newsworthy? Are you promoting something worth talking about? If so, be clear in your expository copy.

​Who is your target audience? Are they tech-oriented? Business oriented? Any other relevant information ?

​What topic or subjects does this press release cover? Is there something special about this story that sets it apart from other news of the same nature and time frame?

How can you make this press release stand out from the crowd of others in the same genre or topic area? Is your product better or different than others in that category? Be sure to include details about why it’s better.

3. Covering Your Area Code

If you are releasing a press release for a local product, your readers might be interested to know what part of the country you live in. Include this information in the top of your press release (for example: “Montreal, QC – [Attyze Corporation is] developing an innovative software platform for managing private companies’ finances and keeping employees’ personal data encrypted at all times”)

4. Formatting Your Release

Send your resignation letter or post it to your blog or website for easy sharing off page seo. It should include any information about the release that you might have forgotten. It also helps if you include links to any news stories or press releases from other sources that relate to the subject of your announcement, as well as any updates on how you are progressing with the development of your product or service. This will give some background information to the reader on why your product or service is important.

All of the release’s text should be written in English (and include English contact information). Although there are separate distributions for French and English releases, you’ll have better chances of being picked up by a wider variety of sites if the copy is in one language.

5. Choosing the Right Press Release

Do you have an existing blog or website? How many followers do you have and what social media platforms do you use? Think about these questions when deciding on a press release topic. You could also include snippets of information about your product, service or company in your press release to see if that helps to draw in interest.

If you are releasing a press release for the first time and don’t know where to submit it, look at the following directory from Fierce PR . This is a great place to start if you don’t have any experience with promotional materials, such as press releases. Scroll down to see what types of news are picked up by each site.

6. Choosing What to Write About

Maintain a balance between information about your company and its products for current clients of BlockChain and partners, as well as news about the future or “what’s coming next.” If you want to announce that you’ve reached a milestone in developing your product or service, it’s quite possible that your media contacts already know. If this is the case, include some other information so that they can see how you are progressing with the development of your product or service.