How to Travel Light on a Short Vacation

Short Vacation

If you are planning to get some late summer sun, there are some great deals to be had for end of season getaways right now. Whether you want to explore different cultures and take in some picturesque views or just relax and unwind on a beach, there are vacation breaks to suit all tastes. Today in 2022, a growing number of travelers want to travel light, especially for shorter breaks. It can save having to wait at airport luggage carousels for bulky cases and makes checking in a lot quicker. If you are planning a short vacation this year, the following information will be of great benefit as it explains three key tips for traveling light.

Pack only essential clothing

It can often be all too easy to take a huge amount of clothing on short vacations only to find that when you arrive home, most of the items haven’t been worn. Clearly, if you plan to travel light, clothing should be kept at an absolute minimum. This can sound like a daunting prospect, but it can be remarkably easy to achieve. 

Firstly, remember that you can wear several layers of clothing to board the flight. This can save having to pack more clothes in a flight case. Bulky clothing items such as jackets and jeans are perfect to wear on the plane and will save vital space in your travel luggage. If you plan to go hiking on your vacation, it’s better to wear your heavier hiking shoes for the flight and pack lighter shoes or sandals instead. In short, by wearing your heaviest clothing items, you can save an immense amount of weight from having to be packed. See here for some of the most essential travel clothes that will help you only pack what you need.

Take compact tech

In 2022, many holidaymakers choose to take some of their most essential tech with them for entertainment and to help explore the local areas. Having a compact laptop on holiday can be an ideal choice for your tech needs as it can serve many needs in one device. From streaming your favourite movies and box sets of an evening to surfing sites such as TripAdvisor to find the best places to visit and eat out at, a laptop is often essential travel kit. Thankfully, modern laptops are compact, lightweight and can easily be stored in carry-on luggage for a flight. There are currently some great deals on such IT equipment and it’s well worth checking out the Clearance Sale at Lenovo to find the perfect vacation laptop at a fantastic price. 

Buy essentials at the resort

As a final point, it’s well worth buying some of your vacation essentials at the resort instead of packing them. Items such as toothpaste, suncream and beauty products are readily available at most destinations and if they’re not available at the resort complex, then the local shops are sure to have such products. 

By not packing such products you can save a considerable amount of weight in your luggage, and it may make the difference between needing additional suitcases or simply being able to travel with an in-flight case. Also remember that most hotels will have hairdryers and towels provided in each room so these can also be omitted from your luggage.