Lunc And Its Future By KuCoin

The kuCoin platform attracts many users to its wide range of features and advancements. About more than Altcoins listed on KuCoin makes it the biggest Altcoin holder in the crypto market. Many traders join this platform to enjoy the most innovative and robust services offered by KuCoin to existing and upcoming customers. These huge coins open more options for traders, whether they trade on the spot or go for future trading. In this article, we also discussed one of the famous coins LUNC and its future by KuCoin guide.

KuCoin Guide Related To Luna Airdrop (LUNC)

Because of the breakdown of the Luna coin in the Terra biological system, the Luna people group work on various strategies to save their environment. In this regard, Proposal 1623 is highly helpful in creating a new blockchain for Terra while the old blockchain is still in the market. 

Article 1623

According to this article new blockchain was introduced in the Terra network. The old blockchain is named Terra Classic, and its coin is Lunna Classic (LUNC).).While new blockchain is Terra, and its coin is LUNA. The new blockchain expects to make a steady coin for the new Terra organization. We can see that the new blockchain works completely as per its motivation.

Difference Between Terra 1.0 And Terra 2.0

They are exactly similar to ETH, ETC. The old blockchain contains a classic name, while the new one is just named Ethereum. Similarly,The cryptocurrency used by Land 1.0 is called LUNC. However, Terra 2.0 is a brand-new platform, and LUNA is its native currency.

Advantages Of LUNC

During the difficult time in the crypto market, many people think LUNC will go to zero. However, LUNC not only protects its space but also supports its community. Even though no big currencies like BTC, USTC, and KCS can support their native coins or community LUNC appear as a high lifter for its blockchain. Different exchanges offer their trade because of high demand. Many new investors have been attracted to it alongside LUNA. No doubt LUNA is built as a more stable coin in the terra family, but it doesn’t mean that LUNC does not exist in today’s market. LUNC has its benefits in the form of sustainability in a most difficult time for the Terra family. Terra blockchain does not delist LUNC after introducing a LUNA in their blockchain.


KuCoin is listing upcoming coins on their platform to represent the best trading experience to their traders. Traders always look for wide options to invest or trade in the most volatile or less volatile cryptocurrencies. Every platform needs to entertain its users with maximum benefits. Similarly, KuCoin also lists Terra blockchain coins on their site. This will open more doors of opportunity for traders present on the KuCoin exchange. LUNC is an old blockchain coin of Terra with some unique features. This coin supports its native blockchain in such a difficult time when big crypto coins of the market have also destabilized.