Using Wall Lights in Your Living Room in Ingenious Ways

Ceiling lights and lamps are used together in a good lighting design to produce a layered look with depth and ambiance. This is especially significant in a living area where soft mood lighting is used to create a relaxing atmosphere. 

Consider wall lighting while redecorating your home. They cast light around the room’s walls and free up surfaces. We’ve rounded up some of our best living room wall light designs to inspire you.

1. Go solo

The designers chose to illuminate the seating area in this boho-style living room with a single industrial-style wall lamp positioned over the sofa. On the vast blue wall, the image below helps to keep the light from getting lost.

The use of an angled wall lamp in black and polished gold gives a cool contrast against the earthy tones and natural surfaces in this area. The light’s angular lines give the room a more industrial feel.

2. Try a dynamic duo

There’s no room for two wall lights? Instead, use a lamp with many light sources. This spinning, two-armed wall lamp is ideal for this room, which only has one alcove. The arms may be angled to direct light around the room. Of course, the lamp isn’t simply useful; it’s also unique enough to make a great design statement in the room.

3. Keep it simple

If you’re going for a minimalist look, furniture should be kept to a bare minimum. Without a side table cluttering up the area next to it, the beautiful grey sofa looks lovely on its own. A wall light is the perfect alternative when you don’t want to include surfaces for table lamps.

This one features a chord that can be plugged into an outlet, making it both fashionable and useful. The gold shade and arm offer a gleaming touch to the otherwise bland environment while keeping the overall look sleek and uncluttered.

4. Show off your photo collection

Using wall lights to spotlight your favorite artworks is another method to highlight them. Slim lights emerge above each artwork thanks to a track system. In their own little gallery, the owners can enjoy their paintings in the evenings.

Although a single lamp could be installed above each piece of art, it’s critical to note out each place throughout the remodeling design stage. You can move your paintings around more easily with a track system like this.

5. Contrast dark and light

Make your wall sconce lights at James Said stand out by painting the wall they’re on a dark colour. These lights cast a luminous glow on the paneled wall, adding interest and depth to the surface. The charcoal tint is matched by the dark floor and fireplace, making the area feel private.

Wrapping it up

Sconce lights are an affordable alternative for any space if you’re searching for a style of light fixture that provides adequate illumination and design.  Sconce lights can be found in a variety of rooms in today’s houses, from the restroom to the living room.